Best Cleaning Products For Appliances

Feb 18, 2020 |

I often get asked “What do you recommend to clean etc?…”

I must confess that while I love fixing appliances, cleaning appliances ranks probably number 2. I really obsess in cleaning as I fix. I mean why not? You are right there so why not vacuum that lint up or wipe down the back of that washer where fabric softener spilled? Cleaning appliances sometimes is difficult. Using the right cleaning product makes the job a lot easier and keeps the appliance looking great. Here are some suggestions for cleaning products household appliances.

Appliance Cleaning - DishwasherThe Washer

For the washer I recommend using Lemi-Shine. It is a citrus based cleaning product that comes in a pouch. It really scrubs the inside of the tub and leaves a fresh scent. The combo pack includes 4 pouches and wipes and retails at Target for $6.99.

The Cooktop of Range

Weiman Glass and Cooktop Polish is outstanding. The Weiman Max Polish Kit includes a scrubbing pad and 9 ounce polish bottle and retails for a conservative $3.49. I also recommend Dawn dish detergent and SOS pads to clean the oven door glass. Do not use SOS on the cooktop as it will scratch the surface. After scrubbing the door glass use Windex and you will be amazed at the results. Check our Facebook page for detailed instructions.

Front Load Washer Door Gasket

I get many complaints from customers that have front load washers regarding the door seal or boot. The grey rubber seal in the front load washer retains water after the cycle is completed. Because of this damp environment, mold will grow leaving bad odors and black stains on the seal. Recommendations by the manufacturer is to leave the door open and spray some fantastic or 409 on the seal to alleviate the mold growth. However, this does not always work. If you have a well water then you may have hard or soft water which may quicken mold growth on the seal and I have seen some really bad cases of mold growth. It seems odd to rely on a mold infested washer to clean your clothes. If the mold is really bad there is not much you can do other than replacing the door seal (about $250 – $350).

If it is not that bad then try using Thieve’s Oil. Thieve’s Oil is an organic based cleaning product that is very effective on mold plus it has a very pleasant smell. Some use it as an

Also try Clorox Ultra Clean Wipes. Use rubber gloves and wipe down the seal with wipes. They are very effective as well and I stock them on my truck.


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