Ice Build Up In The Freezer? Here’s What To Do

Feb 12, 2020 |

A very common complaint we hear from customers is that their refrigerator is not cooling. There are several reasons why a refrigerator may not cool.

ice buildup in freezerDefrost Problem

A common one is a defrost problem. This is when the evaporator accumulates so much ice and frost that it will inhibit air flow to the refrigerator. Think of the freezer as the main hub of cooling. The refrigerator compartment is connected to this main hub of cooling via an air duct. If this air duct is blocked then no cold air will travel from the main hub to the refrigerator. Usually a defrost problem will be one of three things:

  1. The defrost control or defrost timer
  2. A defrost thermostat or limit
  3. A defrost heater

Yes, there is a heater located inside of the freezer. Most defrost cycles last 20-30 minutes depending on the manufacturer. The cycle happens every 6-8 hours of run time. When the ice build up is substantial you can do a few things. Unplug the refrigerator for 24 hours to thaw the ice. Or take a hair dryer to the evaporator coils to thaw the ice. A word of caution, always unplug the refrigerator first. Never dismantle the refrigerator when it is plugged in. Also, never use a hair dryer too close to the evaporator coils or you may damage the joints or sweats that connect the evaporator to other tubing and capillary lines. Always keep the hair dryer at least 20-25 inches away.

Call Us!

Once you have identified the frost buildup, call us! We have trained technicians that can arrive the same day or whenever is convenient for your schedule. We work Monday through Friday and weekends. We also work after 5 pm to accommodate your schedule.

Good luck!

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  1. Jr

    Changed thermostat in freezer and it’s still frosting up on evaporator.


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