Sounds that go creak in the night…er from your dishwasher of course

Apr 18, 2017 |

In an effort to conserve energy, we are all encouraged to run our dishwasher at night. Maybe later is better as energy consumption wanes later in the evening.

A Noisy Dishwasher is a Problem

A recent blog by Designer Appliances credited Bosch with leading the charge in reducing the decibel level of their dishwashers. So a noisy dishwasher now represents a problem. More than likely it is something that has fallen down into the pump chamber. Most if not all manufacturers now have designed their pumps to have “chopper blades”. They posit this technology will reduced waste entering into the drain line and ultimately less waste into our sewage systems. These choppers resemble little fan blades that chop away some food particles much like a garbage disposal. However when plastic debris or in one instance “rocks from an aquarium” fall down there it can make a terrible noise. Getting to the pump sometimes can be tricky but doable.

  • Always shut off power first before doing any disassembly or repair.
  • Remove the bottom basket and expose the lower jet assembly.
  • Different manufacturers have different protocols to access the lower sump (where the chopper is). Most of the time it requires a torx bit to remove the upper sump housing cover.
  • Once removed the chopper should be in sight and probably a fair amount of debris.

Please note not all manufacturers have this technology (Fisher Paykel drawer style dishwashers for one).

So good luck and always remember we are here for all your appliance service needs!


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