The Greatest Washer Of All Time

Feb 14, 2020 |

Often in modern parlance we give the title of the “The Greatest of All Time” to many things.

In sports, we have Michael Jordan in basketball, Wayne Gretzky for hockey, and in fast cars maybe the Ford GT500 Mustang.

Newton Built Maytag WasherFor me the greatest washer of all time is the Newton built Maytag washer. Why? It all depends on perspective, but when the chips are down it is hard to discount the machine’s internal components. I mean are you kidding me?

  • A steel outer drum,
  • an 80 pound porcelain lined,
  • a concrete filled inner spin basket, and
  • all mechanical controls with a 2 belt drive orbital transmission with 700 RPM capability.

This machine is a beast that delivered a great wash performance time after time with its 35 gallon wash tub. Built from the late 70’s until the early 90’s, Maytag quietly dominated the appliance market with this washer.

The legendary commercials of Gordon Jump playing the Maytag washer repairman waiting for his phone to ring cemented its legend.


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