What Questions Should You Ask When Calling a Repair Company?

Feb 18, 2020 |

When an appliance breaks it is a stressful time! Your schedule is turned upside down, your budget is impacted and most importantly, the appliance is out of service. Keep these questions in mind before you call a potential service provider.

Q1: Is the company insured and what type of insurance coverage do they have?

If the during the repair the company causes property damage will they work with you in making you whole.

Q2: Are the technicians background screened?

In this age and time it is always prudent to be careful who you allow in your home.

Q3: Are the technicians equipped with PPE?

Safety is an absolute necessity so requiring a service provider to wear face coverings, gloves and foot coverings is a necessity.

Q4: What is the cost to come out?

It is a fair question to ask if the service provider charges a service charge and also what is their cost structure. Is it based on time, is it based on labor and materials or is it a flat rate structure. Some companies charge based on a blue book rate with very little flexibility in cost structure.

Q5: What is your warranty?

Most companies have warranty terms written on their invoices. Most companies offer a limited warranty on parts and labor.

Q6: Are the technicians uniformed? Are the company vehicles marked or lettered with a company logo?

If a technician shows up with a t shirt and shorts and no tool bag you should be concerned. Why? Well if a company cares about it’s image it will make sure their technicians wear professional uniforms and drive professionally lettered vehicles.

Hopefully these tips will help in vetting a potential service provider!


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