Why Your Dryer Is Not Drying – Mystery Solved

Feb 12, 2020 |

Every week laundry piles up. It is as automatic as death and taxes. One of life’s modern conveniences is the washer and dryer. When a dryer does not work – if it doesn’t heat, doesn’t dry or not run at all, it can be frustrating. Today we will go into depth on how a dryer operates and what can cause it not to dry or take a very long time to dry.

dryer not drying

A dryer is much like an oven. It has a heating element if electric or a gas burner system if it is a gas dryer. The big difference is the dryer has a vent duct connected to it. Very often we get calls from customers that say their dryer is taking a long time to dry. This is caused by a few things. Sometimes the internal blower housing or vent will accumulate lint. This lint will build up to the point where it will block air flow leaving the dryer. The air that leaves the dryer contains moisture from the clothing that is rotating inside the drum. It is vital that this moisture leave the dryer through the vent. If this air flow is blocked or partially blocked by lint build up the clothing will not dry properly. The ideal vent installation to the dryer is a very short run to the outside of the house. The vent used must be semi-rigid or straight aluminum pipe with a 4 inch diameter. Manufacturers require this vent on all dryers. Use of vinyl, plastic or thin walled superflex aluminum foil vent is illegal as it is not entirely fire retardant. To check to see if the blower or the vent is clogged with lint turn on the dryer and go outside and look at the exit cover where the vent connects to. If you feel no air flow turn off the dryer and call us for service.

If the dryer operates with a blocked vent it may:

  • cause a fire if the vent attached to the dryer is not straight aluminum pipe or semi rigid vent duct, or
  • blow a thermal fuse or thermal limit.

We are happy to check out the dryer and vent. We have air pressure meters that measure the vent pressure. We will inspect the vent installation and make sure it is efficient.

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